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RonRon's training in pastoral ministry and counselling, combined with experience working in mental health, counselling, landscape gardening, painting contracting, and recently ambulance work, means he brings a depth of training and extensive experience in working with people, to his role at Eremia as a facilitator, counsellor, prayer minister and passionate fisherman.


Anne is a registered psychotherapist with a heart to help people find their full potential: through healing from childhood trauma, building positive couple relationships, understanding and working through life crises and changes, Benand helping parents connect with their children through play, in the Incredible Years programme.
Anne enjoys cooking, playacting and reading a good book.

Ben has eleven years of experience in caring for people. He has an intuitive knowledge of when people need a dog to pat, go for a walk with, or just have a companion to hang out with. Ben enjoys to attend prayer ministry and counselling sessions, and is well known for his exceptional ability to empathise and maintain confidentiality.